The Beauty of Mauritius Captured by Ordinary People

#AirMauritius360 : An Island of Beauty Captured

Our Mauritius community is always on the look out for fresh and exciting angles of the island and we love some of the images we see every day with the hashtag #AirMauritius360.

It continues a tradition of getting some of the most surprising and striking images on the island such as ‘The Old Merchant with Blue Eyes’ and ‘Meeting the Market Man’. You can see more amazing images of #AirMauritius360 on Instagram here.

Today, we thought we’d share some of our recent favourites.

Photography of a Bike for #AirMauritius360 Campaign

This shot of a bike, a boat and the ocean by @avinash.balgobin sums up the simple life on Mauritius

Fishermen for the #AirMauritius360 Campaign

A superb image by @carooons of fishermen, a spectrum of blue, ripples on a mirror-like sea and the horizon line in the distance

Scenery for the #AirMauritius360 Campaign

This picture by @fabouls gives you an idea of the adventure on the island

Air Mauritius Plane for #AirMauritius360 Campaign

We love this moody and atmospheric shot by @asusty of Air Mauritius

Beach Shot for #AirMauritius360 Campaign

A pretty beach and mountain looming in the background by @maiden_of_dawn

Mauritian Church for #AirMauritius360 Campaign

A vibrant shot by @toligreeneyes captures Mauritius in all its primary colours

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